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Social Security Retirement Planning in Portland

Interactive Wealth Advisors is committed to helping you reach your financial goals through expert advice and a personalized approach to Social Security Retirement Planning.

Our mission is to help you protect your money and build your wealth for longevity. Schedule a call back with one of our PERS & Social Security advisors today!

How Can We Help With Social Security Retirement Planning?

Social Security is a crucial part of preparing for retirement. Created in 1935, the Social Security Administration (SSA) was designed to help protect people from becoming destitute if they become disabled or too old to work. It provides benefits to retirees, disabled workers, widows, widowers, and their families.
For Social Security planning help, you need advice from a team of professionals who know all the ins and outs of the system.

This is where Interactive Wealth Advisors come in.

We are a team of social security financial advisors who offer personalized service and guidance so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Why People Hire Us

Retirement Planning
Our well-designed process and experience will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your successful retirement.
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Investment management
Once we’ve helped you define your goals and objectives, our investment management will be the engine that drives your plan.
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Transition planning
Whether you receive large windfall or an uninvited misfortune, we’ll help you make smart decisions and minimize the financial stress.
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Business Owner Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning — in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Tax Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning— in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Estate Planning
At Interactive Wealth Advisors, our estate planning services are designed to help you protect your family and assets while making sure they are used in the way you want. Whether it is creating a simple will or advanced trust, we can develop a custom estate planning solution that fits your needs and goals.
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What Social Security Services Do We Provide?

Personalized Social Security Retirement Benefits Analysis
We gather information on your work history, earnings, family, and other factors to assess your situation. We will then present a personalized analysis of your expected monthly Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) and social security benefits.
Social Security Claiming Strategies
We will discuss your claiming options, including when you should start receiving benefits. We can also help you decide whether delaying benefits would be best for you and, if so, how long you should wait before applying.
Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs)
Our advisors and experts specialize in analyzing annual increases in Social Security benefits, known as Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs), which are determined by changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). We can assess whether your COLA is expected to be higher than usual in the coming years and how this might impact your social security income planning.

Who Is It For?

Our Social Security planning services cater to a diverse group of people. Those that can benefit from our smart planning services include:


Our PERS retirement plan services guide you in assessing the income you’ll require during retirement. We provide actionable steps to secure your future financial well-being and explore potential additional income based on your work history.


Many couples may qualify for two Social Security benefits: one for each spouse. This is called “combined benefits” or “married filing jointly” status.
If you’re a married couple and one of you is retiring, we can help you with social security planning for couples strategies for the future. We aim to ensure your shared retirement income is enough for both of you. It’s crucial to have a sufficient combined nest egg for your retirement needs.

PERS and social security


If your spouse has passed away, you can take steps to ensure that all of their assets pass on as intended. Our Social Security widow(er) planning services will help you navigate this difficult time so that you can continue living comfortably in your home without worrying about finances.

Other categories of people who can benefit from our social security planning services include
Those planning early retirement and want to know when they will receive their first check.

  • Individuals planning for early retirement looking for clarity on when they will receive their first social security check.
  • People who have already retired but have not yet received benefits because they haven’t reached full retirement age (FRA) or have stopped working before reaching FRA.
  • Individuals with disabilities or those assisting family members in applying for disability benefits.
    Divorced spouses who may qualify for spousal benefits.
  • People who need family wealth transitions solutions to smoothly transfer their wealth to children, grandchildren, and others. Often, these families possess significant assets tied up in their businesses, necessitating expert guidance for seamless ownership transition.
  • As a financial advisor for small business owners, we can help with wealth management financial planning, and transfers without disrupting the business.
social security financial advisor

Our Process

Financial Situation Review

We review your current financial situation and retirement goals, including your existing investment portfolios, Social Security benefits, pensions, and annuities.

Risk Tolerance Assessment

We assess your risk tolerance to help you determine your ideal asset allocation. We also advise which accounts you should use to achieve your goals best.

Recommendation & Evaluation

We recommend an appropriate mix of stocks and bonds based on your risk tolerance and time horizon. We also evaluate whether or not it makes sense for you to consider adding alternative investments to diversify your portfolio.

Customized Roadmap Creation

Once we’ve determined the right investment stocks and bonds, we’ll put together a plan that provides a road map for how much money you’ll need at various points throughout retirement, so you don’t run out before you die.

Why Choose Us?

Here for You
At Interactive Wealth Advisors, we’re your dedicated investment firm in Oregon, equipped with a team of passionate social security specialists. Our commitment is unwavering – we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals through top-notch services and personalized planning advice.
Solid Experience & Expertise
We believe it takes more than a number-crunching calculator to deliver sound financial advice. We have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and small businesses in Oregon, and surrounding areas. We aim to give clients the knowledge and tools they need to retire in style.
Fully Independent
As an independent retirement consulting firm and unbiased financial planner, we are not tied to any financial product or insurance company. So, you can trust that we are rooting for you, helping you find the best retirement options.
Free Consultation
We offer free consultations, working closely to ensure we understand your goals and concerns.This allows us to provide the proper guidance to make an educated decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social security planning?

Social Security planning is a process that helps you understand the options available to you when you retire, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.

Why should you do social security planning?

Social Security planning is crucial as you gain clarity on your Social Security benefits, allowing you to decide whether to claim benefits early or wait until later in life.

Is it worth hiring a financial advisor for social security planning consultancy?

Since Social Security is integral to retirement planning, we believe everyone should work with a Social Security financial planner for professional advice. So many factors go into Social Security planning, and an expert will offer invaluable input.

How can Interactive Wealth Advisors help?

As a financial advisor specializing in social security, we provide customized social security consulting and corporate retirement plan consulting to help individuals and companies develop a comprehensive retirement and legacy plan that addresses their unique needs.

How much does it cost?

Our competitive charges vary depending on your specific situation. We have additional fees for services, such as investment management, tax planning, and estate planning. We believe in transparency, so we will always provide you with an estimate of all costs in advance.

How do your other income sources impact social security planning?

Social security benefits are determined by average lifetime earnings, placing more emphasis on peak-earning years. If you have a higher income, you can expect a more substantial monthly benefit when you retire.

How do age and health status factor into social security planning?

Age and health status can impact social security benefits. Claiming at 62, for example, means reduced monthly benefits while delaying until your full retirement age or beyond increases them. Furthermore, if you have a chronic illness or expect a shorter life, claiming benefits earlier might make sense. Waiting to claim benefits could have significant financial advantages if you’re in good health and anticipate a longer life.

Besides social security benefits, what are alternative income sources for retirement?

Social Security benefits alone may not suffice for retirement. Many people supplement their income with various sources, such as pension plans, personal savings in IRAs and 401(k)s, real estate investments, annuities, and earnings from part-time or freelance work. Our Social Security planners can work with you to explore alternative income sources to ensure financial security during retirement.
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