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Interactive Wealth Advisors are experts that take a personalized approach to help you navigate the evolving financial environment. Our comprehensive services are geared towards preserving your wealth and facilitating sound investment decisions for a confident retirement.
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What Is Legacy Planning and Why Is It Important?

Legacy planning aims to help you organize your assets to ensure they are distributed to your next of kin as you deem fit when you pass on. 

Legacy planning solutions have numerous benefits, including:

  • Having total control over who inherits your assets
  • It reduces the beneficiaries’ tax burden
  • Eliminates family disputes related to wealth distribution if you are incapacitated or deceased
  • Making sure your death wishes are upheld 
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Why People Hire Us

Retirement Planning
Our well-designed process and experience will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your successful retirement.
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Investment management
Once we’ve helped you define your goals and objectives, our investment management will be the engine that drives your plan.
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Transition planning
Whether you receive large windfall or an uninvited misfortune, we’ll help you make smart decisions and minimize the financial stress.
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Business Owner Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning — in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Tax Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning— in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Estate Planning
At Interactive Wealth Advisors, our estate planning services are designed to help you protect your family and assets while making sure they are used in the way you want. Whether it is creating a simple will or advanced trust, we can develop a custom estate planning solution that fits your needs and goals.
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IRA planning
Interactive Wealth Advisors is a fee-only financial planner in Portland, and our IRA retirement planning service will help you navigate the financial challenges of today’s dynamic retirement planning process.
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Social Security Planning
Social Security is a crucial part of preparing for retirement. Created in 1935, the Social Security Administration (SSA) was designed to help protect people from becoming destitute if they become disabled or too old to work. It provides benefits to retirees, disabled workers, widows, widowers, and their families.
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Asset Protection Planning
It has taken blood, sweat, and extreme work ethic to build your business or brand and accumulate wealth. Now that you are a high net-worth individual, it’s vital that you take deliberate steps to preserve this wealth. This is where asset protection planning comes in.
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Holistic financial planning
When it comes to preparing for the future, you want a team that understands your goals, dreams, and finances. That’s why we offer holistic financial planning and sudden wealth counseling services that are specifically designed to help you make the most of your money.
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Investment management for trusts
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IPO & Pre-IPO Tax and Financial Planning
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Stock option planning
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Wealth management
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Restricted Stock Units Planning Advisor
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Financial Windfall Planning
Expected or not, windfalls are a dream come true. While you may be tempted to purchase or experience life’s luxuries, taking a step back and rethinking how to manage the money is crucial. In this case, hiring a windfall financial planner would be the first step to safeguarding your financial future.
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Business Transition Advisor
Planning on selling your business? At Interactive Wealth Advisors, we help you build a tax-efficient exit strategy. Our company provides expert advice to help you prepare to sell your business. Book a call with our advisors today!
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How Can IWA Help?

We are a financial management firm with deep-level expertise in legacy wealth planning, which we leverage to elevate your future financial well-being. We offer thoughtful advice and will put smart structures in place to protect what you have toiled hard for over the years.

The services we offer include: 

  1. Wills and legacy planning: we will come up with a holistic plan, collaborating with your lawyer and accountant to make sure your assets are well managed during retirement and distributed as you wish at death.
  2. Business legacy planning: a legacy financial advisor will help you implement the right strategies to turn your business into a legacy, not letting your tears, blood, and sweat go to waste.
  3. Legacy tax and financial planning: We will take a holistic look at the tax scenarios impacting your wealth, making wise estate decisions to ensure your beneficiaries pay the lowest possible tax bill.
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What You Need to Know about Legacy Planning

As a company or family wealth owner, you cannot be certain that future generations will uphold your legacy. Wealthy individuals cannot also be sure that their assets will be transferred dispute-free or whether their next of kin will adequately manage what they leave behind. 

Not unless you create a comprehensive plan.

Legacy estate planning services are vital if you want your legacy to be lasting for decades after you die. It is a wise move that guarantees adherence to all your instructions regarding managing and transferring your properties.

However, you must understand that family legacy planning can be complex, especially for people with a huge asset portfolio. And here is where we come in.

Interactive Wealth Advisors help people who have accumulated significant assets over their working life create legacies. We will work our fingers to the bone to make sure you are remembered long after you are deceased.

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For successful asset protection planning, we will::

  • Organize your wealth in classifications, for example, crypto wallets, real estate, investments, and bank accounts
  • Help you appoint an executor: The person who makes sure the will is followed to the letter
  • Seek to know the specific assets to transfer to each of your beneficiaries

As the wise saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. By not planning your legacy, you risk:

  • Your hard-earned wealth not reaching its intended beneficiaries or falling into the wrong hands.
  • Family fighting over assets, which can have costly financial implications.
  • Prolonged probate, which is time-consuming
  • The court determining the transfer of assets, decisions that may be contrary to what you would have wished.
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Who Is It For?

Legacy financial solutions are perfect for:

  • People approaching retirement
  • People who own businesses
  • Those that have assets that need management after they retire or pass on
  • People that want to have a say in the allocation of the wealth they leave behind

Why Choose Us as Your Legacy Wealth Planning Advisor?

As one of the most reputable estate planning experts in Oregon, we help our clients wisely plan the future of their loved ones; a future where their assets are left in capable hands and their legacy lives a lifetime.

So, why choose us?

  • We offer personalized services

Every soon-to-be retiree has unique financial goals, so we highly focus on offering personalized legacy estate solutions. During the initial retirement plan consulting session, a financial expert will carefully listen to your money goals, developing the right strategies to maintain your current lifestyle post-retirement.

  • We maintain the highest fiduciary standards

We are investment planning professionals licensed to work in the state of Oregon. The law binds us to uphold the client’s interests, and that’s precisely what we do. To ensure we maintain the highest ethical standards, we have built a culture of integrity, firmly standing by our commitment to our clients.

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  • We are client-centered

We value you and take a client-centered approach to service delivery. With us, it’s all about your financial needs, vision, and goals.

Furthermore, we understand what is at stake, and the registered investment advisor we assign you will first achieve a deep-level understanding of your finances before proceeding. That way, we can implement actionable legacy financial strategies that ensure your wealth is preserved and handed down to your preferred beneficiaries when the time comes.

  • We are tax experts

Tax structures have steadily evolved over the years, adding layers of complexity around the subject. We understand this pain point, and our tax planning services will help you navigate these complexities with ease.

Whether it’s taking advantage of tax reliefs or easing your beneficiaries’ tax burden, we have the legacy estate planning expertise to address any tax-related issues while adhering to State and Federal regulations.

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5 Legacy Financial Strategies for Retirees

Portfolio diversification:
As a retiree, you must diversify your investment portfolio. That way, you have enough assets to sustain you in old age, with more remaining for the next generations.
Create a business map
Leaving a legacy requires you to have a road map that guides your business through attracting future investments. That way, you build a brand that lives on long after you.
Teach your heirs financial responsibility
Teaching your children about smart money moves and investments is a legacy financial planning tactic that sets them up for long-term success. When they are responsible with their money and investment, you can rest assured your business(es) will remain up and running even when you retire.
Build retirement savings
Assets are an excellent source of wealth since they appreciate with time. However, it would help if you had liquid cash to take you through everyday life, which is why having retirement savings is crucial.
Have a financial advisor by your side
Legacy planners are focused on helping you develop a comprehensive retirement plan suitable for your situation. For instance, if you can no longer run your business, selling business consulting will help you define the best exit strategy that will get you the most revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legacy Estate and Tax Planning?

This financial service plans your estate or assets to ensure they are adequately managed after retirement or death while legally mitigating your tax burden.

What are the Most Effective Legacy Financial Solutions?

The most effective legacy financial services include retirement planning, estate planning, business owner planning, investment management, and tax planning.

How Can a Legacy Assurance Plan Help You in Retirement?

The comprehensive plan provides you with actionable financial and tax strategies that ensure your legacy wealth is protected

What are the Fees and Expenses for a Legacy Financial Advisor?

The amount of money charged for legacy investment services depends on the services you need. Contact Interactive Wealth Advisors today for a free quote
Interactive Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the State of Oregon and Washington. The Adviser may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered, excluded or exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.
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