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Planning on selling your business? At Interactive Wealth Advisors, we help you build a tax-efficient exit strategy. Our company provides expert advice to help you prepare to sell your business. Book a call with our advisors today!
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A majority of businesses are continuing to experience dwindled financial performance as the ongoing market downturn continues to cut into their profits. For those entering retirement, or thinking to try their hands on something new, this might just be the perfect time for gearing up to sell a business

But as you’re planning to do so, it is important to understand that acquisition activities for small businesses have generally declined over the last five consecutive quarters, falling down to 14%

That’s why it’s imperative to seek the advice and counsel of professional exit strategy advisors, especially if you’re going to have a tax-efficient plan post-sale, and realize your legacy goals. 

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Why People Hire Us

Retirement Planning
Our well-designed process and experience will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your successful retirement.
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Investment management
Once we’ve helped you define your goals and objectives, our investment management will be the engine that drives your plan.
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Transition planning
Whether you receive large windfall or an uninvited misfortune, we’ll help you make smart decisions and minimize the financial stress.
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Business Owner Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning — in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Tax Planning
With Interactive Wealth Advisors’ help, you can simplify the process by integrating your business and personal planning— in an attempt to find synergies that may help to provide tax and retirement planning opportunities.
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Estate Planning
At Interactive Wealth Advisors, our estate planning services are designed to help you protect your family and assets while making sure they are used in the way you want. Whether it is creating a simple will or advanced trust, we can develop a custom estate planning solution that fits your needs and goals.
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IRA planning
Interactive Wealth Advisors is a fee-only financial planner in Portland, and our IRA retirement planning service will help you navigate the financial challenges of today’s dynamic retirement planning process.
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Social Security Planning
Social Security is a crucial part of preparing for retirement. Created in 1935, the Social Security Administration (SSA) was designed to help protect people from becoming destitute if they become disabled or too old to work. It provides benefits to retirees, disabled workers, widows, widowers, and their families.
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Asset Protection Planning
It has taken blood, sweat, and extreme work ethic to build your business or brand and accumulate wealth. Now that you are a high net-worth individual, it’s vital that you take deliberate steps to preserve this wealth. This is where asset protection planning comes in.
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Holistic financial planning
When it comes to preparing for the future, you want a team that understands your goals, dreams, and finances. That’s why we offer holistic financial planning and sudden wealth counseling services that are specifically designed to help you make the most of your money.
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Investment management for trusts
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IPO & Pre-IPO Tax and Financial Planning
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Stock option planning
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Wealth management
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Restricted Stock Units Planning Advisor
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Liquidity Event Planning
Liquidity risk management assessment and planning in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas. Our personalized advice on liquidity event planning will help you attract better return opportunities. Book a call with our advisors today!
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Financial Windfall Planning
Expected or not, windfalls are a dream come true. While you may be tempted to purchase or experience life’s luxuries, taking a step back and rethinking how to manage the money is crucial. In this case, hiring a windfall financial planner would be the first step to safeguarding your financial future.
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What Is Your Company Worth?

The experts at Interactive Wealth Advisors will advise you on a tax-efficient way of selling a business only if they can estimate its true value. With this revelation in mind, it will help if you prepare all the necessary documentation that will facilitate an independent business appraisal, such as: 

  • Profit and loss reports from three years
  • The business’s Federal Income Tax returns
  • Equipment and fixture list,
  • The lease and any documentation linked to the lease,
  • A list of all loans taken out against the company, including their amounts and due dates;
  • Copies of equipment leases;
  • If applicable, a copy of the franchise agreement
  • If necessary, an estimate of the amount of inventory currently available
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Our experts will use this information alongside industry-leading business appraisers to determine whether the value of your business is enough to drive your future needs and business goals. Don’t fret about the outcome. If the value turns out to be low, we can explore other options like: 

  • How to boost valuation before selling
  • How to build assets in diversified investment areas
  • How to set up a tax-efficient retirement account
  • How to cut expenses for more savings  
Pre-Liquidity Event Planning

Explore Your Business Sale Options

Although often overlooked, a typical business exit plan should involve a critical analysis of formidable options before piecing together the right exit strategy. 

Depending on your future financial needs and goals, our experts can help you plan for various options, such as:

  • Selling to an existing partner allows a small business selling path with little disturbance for clients, employees, and other shareholders.
  • Selling to another company, where another company acquires your business to increase its skills, market reach, efficiency, and productivity. 
  • Selling to a family member working in the business can be an excellent alternative or even key employee. 
  • Merging with a competitor even offering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) may make sense. 
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The Business Selling Process

Our financial planning for business owners services is designed to help our clients throughout the selling process, so it is as seamless and profitable as possible. Here is a snapshot of what we’ll do: 

Business Valuation 

To understand the exact valuation of your business and help you strategize your exit plan with realistic figures, we offer an in-house valuation as well as referrals to professional independent appraisers. Some of the certifications and accreditations that you’ll want to consider are:

  • Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)
  • Certified Business Appraiser (CBA)

Take to Market

If you don’t have a succession plan in place, our team will help you come up with a strategy to help you find the best deal for you and your employees. 

Who should you hire to sell your company? We’ll help you review your options to see if you’re better suited for a business broker, investment banker or some other intermediary. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each will help you pick the right firm with the right connections to market your firm quickly and profitably. 

After You Close  

Once you close your deal, you’ll need a proven system to manage the added complexity a large windfall brings. Our PlanCycle90 system will help you navigate your new reality to simplify your life and give you more time to enjoy the things you didn’t have when you were running your business. 

Why Should You Hire a Financial Advisor when you’re Selling Your Business?

Avoid Mistakes
Generally speaking, selling a firm shouldn’t be done quickly. It would be best to consider factors at least three years before, including putting together a cooperative team of exit strategy advisors at Interactive Wealth Advisors to assist in planning a tax-efficient exit strategy.
Provide Guidance and Insight
Financial consultants can also help you realize how the transition will influence your future, potential sale price, and a tax-efficient way to sell a business.
New Path Forward
Interactive Wealth Advisors will assist you in adjusting to the new life after leaving the company. For instance, you may continue working in another function or as an advisor for a while. That’s where our risk modeling comes in to reduce the stress of investing and the fear of making a mistake. We’re students of history and have developed three risk models to gauge whether our investments should be conservative or opportunistic. Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we are able to evaluate the risk/reward of the market to know if the odds are in our favor or not.

How Can We Help?

The biggest transaction in your life should be handled with care. The goal is to create an all-around post-sale plan that will yield a stress-free and comfortable retirement. 

Trust our experience in the industry and you’ll find the best way to sell your business, as well as plan tax-efficiently for your legacy post the sale process. 

Who Is It For?

Our business sale planning and advice strategies are for entrepreneurs who want to sell their business to fund retirement or pursue other investment options outside their current venture. 

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Best Practices for a Successful Sale of Your Business

Prepare for the Sale
The right professional financial advisor for selling your business will help you get prepared for a profitable sale that will facilitate your retirement or savings dreams.
Exercise Patience
Whether you’re retiring or planning to venture into a new business as part of your legacy plan, trusting the process and exercising patience will help you get the most out of the deal.
Value Your Business Correctly
A thorough and accurate analysis of your business in terms of profit, losses, or market share will help estimate its value, and the proceeds to expect from the sale. This is the first step in making sure you as the owner aren’t under or overvaluing what your business is worth.
Find the Right Buyers
Go hard on marketing the unique selling points of your business to attract value-matched potential buyers and get the most out of the deal. This is the first stepping stone to achieving your legacy goals.

Why Choose Us?

As a local fee-only financial planning firm, our passion for serving the business community around Portland is what drives us every day. Here is why business owners choose us:

We Are Different 

We are not like any other financial advisors when selling a business, we focus on serving the needs of business owners in the tech world. Our clients are engineers and IT professionals who started their own firm after toiling in mega tech firms. We understand where they came from and what they’ve achieved better than most. 

One Stop Shop 

We offer an array of services that can help you forge a formidable exit strategy after selling your business. This includes transition planning, retirement planning, investment management, or even estate planning to help you save the expenses of working with multiple partners. 

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Lifetime Partners 

We are among the few financial advisors who take a fiduciary oath to do what’s in the best interest of our clients–above all else. We always offer frank (sometimes blunt) advice that will benefit you in the long run as well as the immediate future. 

Your Next Adventure

At Interactive Wealth Advisors, it’s not just about the destination, but also the journey. Let us show you how our PlanCycle90 process can make your journey to your desired outcomes faster and with less stress. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sell my business?

On average, it often takes six to eleven months to sell your business. However, it may take up to three years to get your business prepared to sell at its optimum value. It’s never too early to get started.

What Can Interactive Wealth Advisors do to help me sell my business?

Interactive Wealth Advisors is the business owners one-stop shop for pre and post planning. We partner with various experts to ensure that the sales process is successful and that your exit strategy meets or exceeds your future plans and goals.

What can I do to help sell my business?

If you’re wanting to sell your business, seeking the help of a professional should be at the top of your to-do list. A reliable financial advisor for business owners will walk you through the whole process and assist in discussing how to achieve your goals.

What happens when there is a buyer for my business?

It is advisable to seek expert advice to help you prepare to sell your business even before you start accepting offers. When you find a qualified buyer, you’ll proceed to negotiation, before the transition and closure of the deal.

Why is seller financing so important to the sale of my business?

In a business transaction, seller financing eliminates the limitations, expenses, or criteria imposed by third-party lenders and assists qualified buyers in paying the acquisition price of a sale. This way, sellers can list their company for sale for a higher price on the market.
Interactive Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the State of Oregon and Washington. The Adviser may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered, excluded or exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.
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